Braun sits

Apr. 15, 2008
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I'm a frequent poster over at the Fan Forums on and there was a lot of discussion last night about Ryan Braun being sat on the day after the team had an off day.

I actually didn't have a problem with it for a couple of reasons:

1. His ABs stink.
He's not being patient. He's not getting walks. He's swinging at anything and everything thrown at him. He's basically doing everything he's not supposed to be doing.

2. His cockiness.
Look, Braun had a crazy great season last year. But one great season does not a superstar make. The sophomore slump has affected many guys and thus far he looks to be the next on that list. We'd all like to believe that he's going to be truly great for many years, but so far, we don't have the proof to back that up. I'm not saying to give up on him, by any stretch. I'm just saying that maybe he needs to be taken down a few pegs and reminded that a ROY and a good season aren't enough. He could and should be a franchise player and it would help if he weren't swinging for the fences every AB.

3. This quote: (from

"I don't need an off-day. I don't want an off-day," Braun said. "I would much rather be playing. I don't ever want to sit. Obviously, there going to be times when you need an off-day when you're tired or you're hurt, but I'm perfectly healthy.

  "I'm just an employee. Seriously. I don't make those decisions."

I don't care who the guy is, you don't tell the reporter that you're pissed about the manager's decision. That's like running a banner up the flagpole. Swallow your pride. Deal with it. Be pissed, but don't tell the public. It came off petulant and whiny to me.


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