Another French Revolution for November

Oct. 26, 2013
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The French Revolution makes a comeback on local stages in November. The Skylight Music Theatre's production of Les Misérables makes its big debut at the end of the month. As if to further illustrate the conditions which led to the events described in the 1862 Victor Hugo novel that musical is based on, the UWM Theatre Department will be s tagging a production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. It's a stage adaptation of a novel that predates the revolution. A pair of wealthy rivals and former lovers engage in cruel games that use sex as a weapon for humiliation and degradation. 

Sounds like fun.

Directed by Rebecca Holderness, the cast looks really good. Sasha Sigel  and McCormick Sweeney play the two rivals. Okay, so I'm not as familiar with them, but with a cast that also prominently features Emily Rindt and Gretchen Mahkorn, this is a university staging that features talent that has also already begun to make its mark beyond UWM.

And with a the kind of production that UWM manages for a main stage show, this is guaranteed to be reach a much smaller audience than it deserves. 

Les Liaisons Dangereuses runs November 20th through 24th. For ticket reservations, visit UWM online. 


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