Bay View is the Halloween Decoration Capital of Milwaukee This Year

Three insanely ambitious houses you need to see

Oct. 21, 2013
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bay view ghostbusters thumb
Bay View usually does Halloween right, but this year in a particular a few residents have gone all-out, turning their homes into gigantic, massively imaginative dioramas. Here are three houses that are stopping traffic and turning heads this year.

1. This terrifying yard on Kinnickinnic

Plenty of homeowners plant zombies and ghouls in their yard for the holiday, but few convey quite the same sense of movement as this scene. When you first spot it while zipping down Kinnickinnic it throws you off, creating the illusion that the zombies are running down the hill. (Source: Reddit)

2. This amazing '80s throwback

It's even cooler at night, when the proton pack streams light up. (Source:

3. This multi-house masterpiece

This one takes the cake for sheer scale and the amount of neighborhood cooperation involved: It's a gorgeously detailed recreation of The Nightmare Before Christmas that runs for a whooping four houses. It's like a massive children's pop-up book. And like all great Halloween decorations, it glows come nighttime. Incredible. (Source: Reddit)


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