BREAKING: Milwaukee County Extends MTS Bus Contract

Oct. 24, 2013
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I just got word that the Abele administration has decided to extend Milwaukee Transport Service’s contract to run the bus system for up to one year.

The county was in talks with the Dallas-based, for-profit company MV Transportation to take over the operation of MCTS beginning in January 2014. The local, nonprofit MTS has operated MCTS for decades.

The pending agreement with MV is tied up in the courts. MTS has the right to view and appeal the information that led the Abele administration to want to award MV the contract, but Abele’s folks were fighting that. The case is still pending.

According to Dranzik’s email to county supervisors, the MTS contract will be extended through Dec. 31, 2014, but can be terminated for any reason given a 90-day notice.

“The notice is necessary since it is unlikely pending legal action and appeals sought by parties interested in the RFP's outcome will be resolved until later this year or early next year,” Dranzik wrote. “Upon resolution of these issues the Department can bring forward a report and resolution for the Board's consideration of the new contract.

“Once final consideration is made on the pending future contract, a 90 day notice may be provided to MTS. In the meantime, the contract extension shall be put in effect to provide uninterrupted transit service.”

More on this as it develops.



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