Stream the New Blessed Feathers LP, "Order of the Arrow"

Oct. 31, 2013
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blessed feathers order of the arrow
Few bands from the recent boom of NPR and Paste-friendly folk have been as consistently as great as the West Bend duo Blessed Feathers, whose early releases have elegantly captured the allure of places we've never been, the dread of winter and the queasy comfort of young love. The duo's songwriting arrived fully formed right out the gate, but they've continued to refine their sound on their recent output, pruning away some of the unnecessary indie-pop accompaniments that similar folk projects are often too quick to fall back on. Their latest, Order of the Arrow, then, is their most crisp, direct record yet—their best yet, period. Recorded with Real Estate producer Kevin McMahon and Sharon Van Etten guitarist Doug Keith, the album is streaming this week on Soundcloud, courtesy of

You can give it a spin below:


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