STITCH Milwaukee's Community Mural Project Hosts Its Unveiling This Weekend

Oct. 31, 2013
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stitch milwaukee
Artists, art and K-12 educators, students, mentors, non-profit youth workers and university staff all born and raised in Milwaukee were the driving force behind STITCH Milwaukee’s Community Mural Project. This organization focuses on providing safe spaces for young people and community members to share their creativity. The project directly involved community youth and adults in both the design and execution of a mural, with the mural based on community stories shared in discussions regarding racism and segregation. What makes the project unique is the intent of having the mural coexist in both the North and South sides of Milwaukee (half on each side), thus challenging viewers to find the other half on the opposite side of town.

The unveiling will take place Sunday, Nov. 3 from 3-6 p.m. at Aztec Ink Tattoo Shop (1230 S. Cesár Chavez Drive). The event will celebrate the mural before it is separated; recognize those who contributed to STITCH Milwaukee’s successful Indiegogo campaign; and thank Aztec Ink for providing space and support for the mural creation process. Potluck-style and family friendly, the event is open to everyone and will include food, music, poetry performances and conversations with the muralists and participants.

For more information about STITCH Milwaukee or the mural project, visit or contact Anahi Sanchez at or 414-520-6742.


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