Here's the Complete List of 88Nine's 2013 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards Nominees

Nov. 19, 2013
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radio milwaukee music awards
Voting is live for 88Nine's Radio Milwaukee Music Awards. Through Friday, Nov. 22, listeners can vote on a whole slew of local albums, songs, videos and album covers at The winners will be announced Thursday, Dec. 5 at an awards party at the station's new studio, which will feature live performances from Fever Marlene, the Greg Koch Band, Kane Place Record Club, Dana Coppa and SPEAK Easy, and Kiings.

The complete list of nominees is below.

Album of the Year
All Tiny Creatures – “Dark Clock”
Boy Blue – “Words on Trial”
Buffalo Gospel – “We Can Be Horses”
Burguny Ties – “Homeward”
Calliope  - “Calliope”
Charles Walker Band – “Relentless”
Dana Coppafeel & Speak Easy – “Dana Coppafeel & Speak Easy”
Dogs in Ecstasy – “Dat Cruel God”
Elusive Paralleograms  - “Fragments”
Ethan Keller – “Goin' Down in History, Goin' Down in Flames”
Fable and the World Flat – “Dark Flow”
Fatty Acids – “Bolero”
Fever Marlene -  “Medicated Friends”
Greg Koch Band    - “Plays Well With Others”
Kane Place Record Club    - “Kane Place Record Club”
Lorn – “Debris”
Ragelife  - “The Ragelife”
Semi Twang – “The Why and the What For”
Soul Low  - “Uneasy”
Speak Easy  - “Need I Say More”
The Belle Weather – “Hold On”
The Saltshakers    - “Change the Channel”
Vic & Gab – “Love of Mine”
Volcano Choir – “Repave”
Well Informed Citizens – “Leaders of the Revolution”
Yo-Dot    - “Sherman Park Memories”
Song of the Year

Bleached!  by Filter Free Radio
Bygone  by Volcano Choir
Careless  by The Delphines
Change the Channel by The Saltshakers
Darkout   by Semi-Twang
Devil On My Side  by Herman Astro
Downtown  by  Boy Blue
Easy Eyes by    Fever Marlene
Frequency   by  Rusty Ps
Goin' Down in History, Goin' Down in Flames  by  Ethan Keller
In My Bones  by  Kane Place Record Club
Inhale   by  The Jake Paul Band
It Could Have Been Anyone  by The 57s
Last Days as a Bridge Burner  by  Dinny Bulca
Let You Down  by  Vic and Gab
Lift Off  by  Kid Millions
Miller City Blues  by Calliope
Quickest Cut  by  All Tiny Creatures
Semantics  by Elusive Parallelograms
Soliloquy in Symphony  by Fable and the World Flat
Sweet Maria  by Well Informed Citizens
The Accomplice  by  The Belle Weather
Unscreened  by  The Fatty Acids
Wait  by  Dana Coppafeel and Speak Easy
Wake Up Pains  by  Soul Low
Whiskey Rainstorm  by Greg Koch Band
Will You Dream of Me?  by Low Voltage Rangers

Solo Artist

Aaron Ruiz
Ban The Wittiest
Elvis Thao
Emilie Brandt
Ethan Keller
Greg Koch Band
Jasmine Kyle
Jasper Rude
Joe Neary
Jon Chi
Kia Rap Princess
Kid Millions
Kyle Feerick
Liv Mueller
Ron Plevak
Speak Easy
The Demix
The New Kid
Tocarra Hamilton
Wealthy Ghost
Wolfgang Schaefer
Zach Steinbach

Band of the Year

All Tiny Creatures
Beef Tea
Belle Weather
Boy Blue
Buffalo Gospel
Burguny Ties
Charles Walker band
Christian Rowe and Everyone els
Cozy Danger
Crappy Dracula
Dark Sarcazm
Dinny Bulca
Elusive Paralleograms
Evacuate The Earth
Fable and the World Flat
Fatty Acids
Fever Marlene
Filter Free Rodeo
Glenview lane
Herman Astro
Kane Place Record Club
Misha Sigfired
Mortgage Freeman
Myles Coyne and The Rusty Nickels Band
Paper Holland
Semi Twang
Solar Plexus
Soul Low
Soul Low
The 57's
The Belle Weather
The Delphines
The Imperial
The Jake Paul Band
The Saltshakers
The System Lights
The Violet Hour
Twin Brother
Vic & Gab
Volcano Choir
Well Informed Citizens
Wisconsin Beef Commission

Catchiest Song of the Year
Bleached!  by  Filter Free Rodeo
Careless  by  The Delphines
Champagne Rage  by  RAGELIFE
Change the Channel  by   The Saltshakers
coyote  by  Lovanova
Darkout  by Semi-Twang
Devil On My Side  by  Herman Astro
Downtown  by  Boy Blue
Dream  by  Low Voltage Rangers
Easy Eyes  by   Fever Marlene
Frequency  by  Rusty Ps
In My Bones by   Kane Place Record Club
In the Sun  by  Charles Walker band
Inhale by  The Jake Paul Band
It could be Anyone by The 57's
Kept My Heart Alive  by  Ian and the Dream
Last Days as a Bridge Burner by Dinny Bulca
Let You Down  by  Vic & Gab
Lift Off  by Kid Millions
Quickest Cut  by  All Tiny Creatures
Semantics by  Elusive Paralleograms
Soliloquy in Symphony by  Fable and the World Flat
Sweet Maria by Well Informed Citizens
The Accomplice by The Belle Weather
Unscreened by Fatty Acids
Wait by  Dana Coppafeel & Speak Easy
Wake Up Pains by Soul Low
Album Artwork of the Year
[We can't embed all the images of the candidates here, but rest assured there are some very pretty ones]              

Music Video of the Year

Liv Mueller - One more time
Kyle Feerick - places we can go
Calliope - Miller City Blues
Cinco - wake up
Ether - The system Lights
Kid Millions - Lift Off
The Fatty Acids - Airsick
Danna Coppa - One of These Kids
Boy Blue - Downtown
Vic and Gab - Let you down
Belle Weather - The Accomplice
Charles Walker Band - In the Sun
Volcano Choir - Repave
RAGELIFE - Champagne Rage
Soul Low - Wake Up Pains
Kiings - Explain Myself
Hugh Bob and the Hustle - Butternut
Klassik - Foreverwhatever
Mario Brown - Losin' It
Fable and the World Flat - Soliloquy in Symphony

Bandcamp Release of the Year
Dogs in Ecstasy   -  Dat Cruel God
Fable and the World Flat  -  Dark Flow
Filter Free Rodeo  -  Parabolabola
Hearts of Stone  -  Emperor
Kiings  -  Warehouses Possessed by the City: A Wisconsin Remix EP
Labware   - Oneoneone EP
Low Voltage Rangers   -  Dream
Myles Coyne and The Rusty Nickels Band  -  I'm Not Going to Let Go Of You
Northless  -  World Keeps Sinking
Okerlo -   Selections from the Anthology of American Folk Music
Paper Holland  -  Happy Belated
Radiograffiti  -  II
Sleepcomesdown  -  Cured by the Blur
Solar Plexus  -  Nerves
The 57's  -   Three of Swords
The Delphines  -  God Help the Delphines
The Demix  -  Fight Club
Tigernite -   Tarantula
Wolfgang Schaefer  -  Wolfgang Schaefer


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