The New Call Me Lightning Song is Demanding That You Stream it This Instant

"Human Hell" is coming next year

Nov. 26, 2013
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human hell
It's been more than three years since the Milwaukee power trio released its great rock opus When I Am Gone My Blood Will Run Free, but a followup is on the horizon. Next year they'll release the new Human Hell, and this week they teased the first taste of that record, a snarled call-to-arms titled "Now We Have Begun." It's not the album opener, but it sure as hell plays like one; the guitars ring out like the crack of a starter pistol, while singer Nathan Lilley wastes no time calling out the high stakes with vulgar authority.  

Stream the track below via Bandcamp, and squeeze into the Cactus Club on Dec. 21 when Call Me Lightning headline the venue, where they're likely to play some new material.


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