Milwaukee Pets Alive Seeks Donations to Recoup Losses From Damaged Merchandise

Help some pups in need this holiday season

Nov. 26, 2013
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milwaukee pets alive

The nonprofit Milwaukee Pets Alive (MPA) recently purchased 100 community donation boxes for $776 ($476 for boxes and $300 for shipping) from an overseas vendor, but ended up receiving the shipment from the Chinese company Hotsun with much of the merchandize significantly damaged.

As MPA’s Executive Director Lisa Grabowski states in the organization’s press release, “$776 is a fortune to a small charity like Milwaukee Pets Alive. Neither Hotsun or FedEx is taking responsibility for this unfortunate circumstance, and as a result, it’s the organization and the animals we are trying to save that are being significantly impacted.”

MPA is seeking monetary donations at this time to be able to purchase new boxes from a well-represented, local vendor, which was the nonprofit’s original intent. But as Grabowski says, “these vendors were charging $22 or more per box. Because of our limiting funding, we were compelled to purchase the boxes from Hotsun because the reduced price would allow MPA the chance to purchase more boxes, resulting in expanded community exposure.”

MPA was featured as one of the Shepherd ExpressHeroes of the Week earlier this year, and we highly recommend supporting this nonprofit, which works to achieve live outcomes for healthy, treatable and rehabilitate animals at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

For more information or to donate, visit or contact Grabowski at 414-520-8107 or Donations can also be mailed to P.O. Box 370137, Milwaukee, WI, 53237.


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