Here Are This Year's Radio Milwaukee Music Awards Finalists

Nov. 27, 2013
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radio milwaukee music awards
Earlier this month, Radio Milwaukee revealed the nominees for its annual Radio Milwaukee Music Awards, a sprawling, impressively comprehensive list including just about every local musician who garnered some real attention or interest this year. Now those nominees have been whittled down to a tighter, much more competitive list of finalists.

The winners will be revealed Thursday, Dec. 5 at the station's awards party; the complete list of finalists is below.
Album of the year:
•       Boy Blue - Words on Trial
•       The Fatty Acids - Bolero
•       Greg Koch Band - Plays Well with Others
•       Vic & Gab - Love of Mine
•       Volcano Choir - Repave

Song of the Year:
•      Dana Coppafeel and Speak Easy -“Wait”
•      Ethan Keller - “Goin’ Down In History, Goin’ Down In Flames”
•      Greg Koch Band - “Whiskey Rainstorm”
•      Vic & Gab - “Let You Down”
•      Volcano Choir – “Byegone”

Band of the Year:
•      Boy Blue
•      Fatty Acids
•      Kane Place Records Club
•      Vic & Gab
•      Volcano Choir

Solo Artist of the Year:
•      Elvis Thao
•      Ethan Keller
•      Greg Koch Band
•      Kid Millions
•      Zach Steinbach

Catchiest Song of the Year:
•      Boy Blue  - “Downtown”
•      Charles Walker Band - “In the Sun”
•      Dana Coppa and Speak Easy - “Wait”
•      Soul Low - “Wake Up Pains”
•      Vic & Gab - “Let You Down”

Bandcamp Release of the Year
•      The Delphines - God Help the Delphines
•      Juiceboxxx - Front Seat of the Tacoma
•      Kiings - Warehouses Possessed by the City
•      Myles Coyne and the Rusty Nickels Band - I’m Not Going to Let Go of You
•      Paper Holland - Happy Belated

Album Artwork of the Year:
•      The Delphines - God Help the Delphines
•      Fable and the World Flat - The Great Attractor
•      Fever Marelene - Medicated Friends
•      Myles Coyne and the Rusty Nickels Band - I’m Not Going to Let Go of You
•      Paper Holland - Happy Belated

Music Video of the Year:
•      Danna Coppa and Speak Easy - “One of These Kids”
•      The Fatty Acids - “Airsick”
•      Field Report - “I’m Not Waiting Anymore”
•      Hugh Bob and the Hustle - “Butternut”
•      Volcano Choir - “Byegone”

Best Disc We Missed:
•      The Imperial - Low Country Lies
•      Jayk - Everything Ever
•      Joe Neary - From Love, to Loss, to Living
•      Mortgage Freeman - The Living Proof
•      Rectifier - Bourbon & Flowers

Best Live Show:
•      The Fatty Acids
•      Kane Place Records Club
•      Klassik
•      Tigernite
•      Volcano Choir


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