The New adoptahighway Track Will Put the Chill in You

Dec. 9, 2013
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adoptahighway lithium compilation
For all its weird edges, Barry Clark's adoptahighway began as a fairly tuneful project electronic project showcasing Clark's ear for warm, plush tones. But perhaps unsurprisingly for an artist who runs in Melt circles and has collaborated with electro-goth maestro Lorn, adoptahighway has drifted in darker directions on its recent releases. His latest track, "Where Your Shadow Goes," is all eerie, distorted doom, with little in the way of soft, organic sounds to ease the tension.

The track is adoptahighway's contribution to a new compilation curated by the French electronic publication The Chemistry, Lithium, which features new material from Jean du Voyage, 9th Cloud, Turnsteak and others. The whole compilation is streaming through the site via Bandcamp; you can hear "Where Your Shadow Goes" below.


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