Madison/Milwaukee Musicians Sing Out For Healthcare

Dec. 12, 2013
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Photo credit: Beth Skogen
As self-employed artists, musicians are some of the people least likely to be covered by healthcare and thus most vulnerable to unexpected hospital bills and illnesses that could have been avoided with preventive treatments. The Affordable Care Act should help ease that burden by offering decent individual healthcare plans at a price most musicians might actually be able to afford, but of course they need to sign up. As part of that campaign, an ensemble of musicians from the Madison and Milwaukee areas, including local troubadour Myles Coyne, have recorded a song by Madison folkie Anna Vogelzang called "Sing Forward," and they're encouraging others to share it and remix it.

Musicians are invited to submit a cover, singalong or remix of the track, posted at along with its stems, by Feb. 14. Four winners will be awarded with cash, concert tickets and free albums.

Stream the track below.


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