Riverwest Jazz Gallery: Giants of Jazz Photo Exhibition/Sale & Christmas Super Show

Dec. 18, 2013
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First things first: I love jazz. We’re talking an if-you-love-jazz-so-much-why-don’t-you-marry-it kind of love. Don’t think I haven’t tried…

At any rate, my charge with the Shepherd Express concerns the visual arts, and despite the theatrical brashness of a jazz musician such as Sun Ra, jazz remains undeniably an auditory art. Perhaps my position is for the best. Otherwise I would be writing columns of recherché theories, for example, about how Jelly Roll Morton’s criticism of Louis Armstrong’s improvisational style holds the key to a Hegel-inspired reading of the history of jazz.

Still, I’m well chuffed when jazz wanders close enough to the visual arts to warrant my professional attention. So much the better when the event allows me to promote a wonderful local organization, in this case, Riverwest’s Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts.

On Saturday, December 21, from 2-5 the Jazz Gallery will be presenting a “Jazz Christmas Super Show.” Holiday music will be given a jazz treatment by the Jeno Somlai Quartet featuring vocalist Donna Woodall. The five-dollar suggested donation not only treats your ears to some tunes: refreshments will also be on hand. 

As for the visual arts angle: the gallery will be hosting a “Giants of Jazz Photo Exhibit and Sale” from noon-5 on the day of the celebration. The exhibition features photographs of jazz luminaries doing what they do best at the Jazz Gallery in the 70s and 80s. Have a jazz lover in your life? Forget the gift certificate and get them a framed, glossy photo of a one of their heroes. Better still, it is a gift that keeps on giving: the sale of the photographs raises funds to further the Jazz Gallery’s mission of bringing good jazz to our fair city. ‘Tis the season for generosity, friends, especially to support such a noble mission as that of the Jazz Gallery.


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