Lowlands Cafes Celebrate Severe Weather With a 50% Off Discount

Jan. 6, 2014
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lowlands half off
In Wisconsin, where each snap of severe weather is preceded by days of breathless doomsaying, there's something liberating about turning off the television, bundling up and just braving the elements—they're rarely as terrible as the bleakest forecasts make them out to be. For the last few years, Milwaukee's Lowlands Group has been offering an extra incentive to leave the house during nasty snow or frigid cold in the form of one of the city's most generous discounts: a half-off any item offer good at any of Lowland's Grand Cafes (including Cafe Hollander, Cafe Centraal and Cafe Benelux).

Lowlands sends the offer out to its email list subscribers periodically throughout the winter—they've already sent out several this year, thanks to early snowfalls and today's near-record cold—and there's gloriously little fine print: It's good for all menu items, including the priciest entrees and beers. It's a nice reminder that living in Milwaukee during the winter doesn't mean you have to, you know, stop living.


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