Stream Lady Cannon's Latest Bathroom Sessions Track, "Go Try To"

Jan. 6, 2014
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lady cannon
Martha Cannon, the voice and songwriter behind the Milwaukee Americana project Lady Cannon, is currently at work on a follow-up to the group’s beautiful 2012 debut Whiskey Dear, with hopes of releasing a new record this year, but in the meantime she’s released a stripped-down new track as part of her ongoing Bathroom Sessions project, “Go Try To.” Delivered with typical sweetness and cynicism, the song returns Cannon to her favorite themes of relationship strife and co-dependence. “Here we are in the prime of our lives, fucking it up with our little fights,” she sings.

You can stream the track below and catch up with all 15 of Lady Cannon’s Bathroom Session tracks at Reverb Nation; they might be the only good reason you'll ever have visit Reverb Nation.


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