Herman Astro Will Headline Radio Milwaukee's Mardi Gras Party at Turner Hall

There will also be a really big King Cake

Jan. 21, 2014
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herman astro
Milwaukee doesn't have a particularly rich Mardi Gras tradition, but for the last several years the city has come out for at least one reoccurring Fat Tuesday celebration: Radio Milwaukee's annual Mardi Gras party at Turner Hall Ballroom with Maxie's Southern Comfort, which provides a generous spread of soul food.

This year's lineup features two brassy party bands: the Milwaukee soul-rock band Herman Astro, who will be cutting a new album this spring, and the city's Extra Crispy Brass Band. For their part, Maxies promises to provide dinner and "Milwaukee's largest King Cake." Since there aren't all that many places to get King Cake in Milwaukee, they probably won't have much competition, but we're assuming the cake will be pretty damn big anyway.

The party is Tuesday, March 4 at Turner Hall Ballroom. General admission tickets are $14 and go on sale Friday, Jan. 24.


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