Zenzen Yoga Arts Puts an Aerial Spin on Traditional Yoga

Jan. 23, 2014
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With Milwaukee being filled with traditional yoga studios and gyms, yoga practitioner Therese Bailey wanted to offer this city a new, fun way to exercise. Her desire to give people a space to express themselves and love for yoga led her to opening Milwaukee’s first Aerial Yoga studio, Zenzen Yoga Arts, in September 2012.

"I saw that Aerial Yoga was something different, trendy and new," said Bailey. "I just had the sense that people would enjoy it and it would give them another way to be expressive physically.”

Since its opening just 16 months ago, more than 1500 curious residents have been attracted to this creative form of exercise.

"It brings people together in groups for these different activities and makes the practice more enjoyable," Bailey said. “It’s forming an Aerial community here in Milwaukee.”

Taking traditional yoga to new heights, Aerial Yoga involves a person being suspended a few feet above the ground in a soft fabric hammock. While in the hammock, a series of challenging poses are performed that help stretch the body and relieve compressed joints.

“It was a fun workout! Although some of the poses were difficult, Therese was great at giving directions and helping you when needed,” said Grady Fitzgerald, a recent visitor of the studio. 

Zenzen currently offers several different types of Aerial Yoga classes, called play shops, all of which are taught by Bailey herself. Some of the play shops include Aerial Energize for Beginners, Aerial Energize and BFF Happy Hour, which allows participants to bring a friend and enjoy wine and cheese once the workout is completed. The studio also offers a Get Together Aerial play shop for those wanting a private class with friends and family.

“It is where people get together and bring their friends and enjoy something physical. You get to have fun, challenge yourself a little bit, and then you get to calm down and lie back in the hammock,” said Bailey.

“You don’t get this kind of workout at a bar,” she said.

As the studio continues to pull in more of Milwaukee’s residents, Bailey is excited about what is to come for Zenzen and those who visit the studio.

“The studio is constantly evolving. I like that it is continuing to evolve. This space is so open and available and I want it to be a place of expression. The sky is the limit,” said Bailey.

Zenzen Yoga Arts is located at 900 S. 5th Street, and online at zenzenyogaarts.com.


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