Twin Brother Does Daytrotter

Feb. 3, 2014
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twin brother
There are so many folk-rock bands kicking around Milwaukee right now that the scene could have easily breached its saturation point, yet so many of these bands continue to carve out space for themselves with truly unique spins on a style that could easily scan as stale. One of the best of these newer bands is Twin Brother, a trio that released a striking self-titled debut last year that combined stately Americana with some of the imaginative guitar sounds of a Phil Ek-helmed indie-rock record. They're also the latest Milwaukee band to be spotlighted on the music blog Daytrotter, which on Friday posted a four-song session from that group, including renditions of a couple highlights from last year's record and a pair of unreleased songs.

Daytrotter members can stream or download the songs here.


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