John Doe Emails: No Separation Between Walker's County and Campaign Staff

Feb. 19, 2014
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Just scrolling through the new emails released today (thanks, Progressive!) it’s clear that there was no separation between Scott Walker’s county administration and his campaign for governor. 

Here’s one example.

During the campaign, Walker and Democratic candidate Tom Barrett were having a spat about roads maintained by the county and the city.

Walker’s team sent out a press release refuting Barrett’s claims.

It was partially built on a request that Walker’s transportation and public works director, Jack Takerian, dug up.

According to a March 29, 2010, email sent by Jon Myhre, the deputy spokesman for the county, to Rindfleisch and Tim Russell on their personal email accounts, the numbers came “From conversation with Jack. He’s working on the documentation for the miles. He spoke again, under pretenses of filling out a report, with the Commissioner of DPW for City.” That would be Jeff Mantes. [Page 3869 of Doe Doc #2]

The data Mantes provided to Takerian shows up in a “fact-check” press release sent out by the Walker campaign.

Stay tuned...


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