Rindfleisch to Campaign: You Guys Are in the Drivers Seat

Feb. 19, 2014
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In August 2010, the Walker team (both campaign and county aides) were freaking out about tragedies at the Milwaukee Behavioral Health Complex. 

In their secret emails, Walker’s campaign staff was helping to craft Walker’s “official” responses to the events.

One example is an op-ed “written” by Geri Lyday, then the interim director of the county’s health and human services department. 

The column had been worked through—repeatedly—by Walker’s campaign aides.

After it was published, Walker’s campaign manager, Keith Gilkes, sent Kelly Rindfleisch—then working for Walker’s campaign and the county—a congratulatory email. [page 7465 of Doe Docs #2]

On Sunday, Aug. 29, Gilkes wrote: The Lyday column “was perfect—I think we did a great job on it. Thank you for working with us on it—a little teamwork makes a world of difference on how things turn out. Wish others in the CE office understood that. Thank you for sticking it out there—you have helped us more than you may realize with getting the CE office better focused.”

Better focused on getting Walker elected governor, I’ll assume.

Rindfleisch replied, “Apparently Tom [Nardelli, chief of staff] was mad that you guys had input. I don’t really care. You guys are in the drivers seat. Thanks for the encouragement. Just remember your promise.”

Gilkes replied, “I will—and Tom is an idiot. That column wouldn’t have been the homerun it was unless we worked together on it. I will make good on my promise—don’t worry.”

Then, of course, Rindfleisch asks for a job: "And a job would be good too if you can manage it."

Gilkes replied, "That is will not be problem whatsoever."

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