Robot Dance Your Ass Off to the New 3099/Sounds of Time Single

Jun. 24, 2016
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Here's a track you knew was going to be funky as shit before you even pressed play. AUTOMatic rapper A.P.R.I.M.E. has teamed with Milwaukee electro-boogie enthusiasts The Sounds of Time (Kid Millions and Sage Schwarm) for his latest single under his 3099 alias. And good God does it hit the mark: With its synthetic groove and drum machine claps, "Playing With My Mind" sounds like something Grand Master Flash and Herbie Hancock might have come up with after a long night of snorting coke off Rubix Cubes.

You can stream the track below, and catch AUTOMatic at Bay View's Chill on the Hill concert series on Tuesday. Tantalizingly, they'll be playing with Milwaukee rock good guys Midnight Reruns, who will be backing them live and will join them for the premier of a new 3099 song they recorded together.


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