Avenue Q In Burlington

Jul. 3, 2016
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Avenue Q

I miss Angry Young Men Ltd. The strange puppet group could be counted on for summer performances in addition to the occasional production of The Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show. I may have only made it to one of those shows, but I really like the aesthetic they were working with even if the humor itself wasn’t always brilliant. The Angry Young Men close-out this coming August’s Milwaukee Fringe Festival. They've also got a few videos on their Facebook page...(I'm particularly fond of the robot puppets with Dalek-style diction doing classic comedy sketches.) That's all perfectly okay, but what if I don’t want to wait until August for live Full-Frontal Puppetry-style humor?

Those looking for puppets to explore the complexities of adult life this month need look no further than Burlington, Wisconsin as The Haylofters of Burlington present a community theater staging of Avenue Q. The Sesame Street-style adult musical with songs about internet porn, schadenfreude and the racism makes its way to The Malt House Theater on 109 N. Main St. in Burlington Jul. 14 - 31. For ticket reservations and more, visit the Haylofters online


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