Julius Caeser Overlooking Downtown Milwaukee

Jul. 11, 2016
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Kadish Park Bandshell
Optimist Theatre

It’s time for a return trip to Kadish Park to hang out with the Downtown Milwaukee Skyline and some more Shakespeare as Optimist Theatre once again hosts Free Shakespeare in the Park this August. Alan Edge plays Caesar. Okay, that’s cool. But Laura Gray as Marc Antony? So cool. Gray’s a great actress. It should be really fascinating to see what she’s going to do with a traditionally male role. We also get Patrick Lawlor as Cassius and Libby Amato as Portia in a cast that also features Michael Chobanoff, Brittany Curran (as Lucius no less) Laura Monagle and Nate Press. 

This will be my second Caesar in two months. Door Shakespeare also has their production of the classic political drama. Granted, Caesar isn’t exactly a rare play, but twice in two months should be kind of a weird quirk to explore in Eastern Wisconsin late in the heart of this summer.

Optimist Theatre’s Julius Caesar comes to Kadish Park this Aug. 4 -  21. For more information, visit Optimist Theatre online.


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