New Boyz Club Do One for the Black Lives Matter Movement

Stream "Glory Glory, The Police State Will Fall"

Jul. 12, 2016
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One of Milwaukee’s most exciting live acts right now is New Boyz Club, an ensemble comprised of members of more accomplished Riverwest acts than even the band members themselves could probably list. So far, however, the band has been slow to release recorded music. As singer/upright bassist Johanna Rose puts it, “I've recorded albums with other bands in the amount of time it takes to record just three songs with this band.” That’s why the group’s upcoming album will arrive as a trilogy of three-song EPs, the first of which, GlOrY gLoRy, they’ll release on Sept. 30 in conjunction with a show at Company Brewing.

Today the band released the first single from that record, and it couldn’t have been better timed. Recorded with a choir of two dozen people, “Glory Glory, The Police State Will Fall” is the band’s uplifting contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement, a reminder that for as awful as things seem now—and, really, they couldn't seem more awful—progress won't be held back. On their Bandcamp page the band explains that they started writing the song after Michael Brown’s murder, and moved up its release in the wake of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s deaths this month. “We are releasing this song early in support of those struggling for justice,” they write of the gospel-inspired track. “If you like this song and want to buy it we encourage you to instead donate to any Black Lives Matter movement. In Milwaukee particularly Maria Hamilton's organization, Mothers for Justice.”

Stream the song below, via Bandcamp, and donate to Mothers for Justice here.


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