High School Musical in West Allis

Jul. 21, 2016
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Disney’s High School Musical debuted on TV over ten years ago. Back then the show’s stars  Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were actually roughly young enough to play kids in high school. (Ten years has been a very long time.) 

Since then, the show has been adapted for the stage and produced all over the country countless times. People working for Disney adapted that adaptation into something that kids in high school could perform. The latest local production of Disney’s High School Musical Jr. makes it to a high school auditorium tonight as Hale Husky Drama presents its production of the show. High school musical theatre kids play musical high schoolers in High School Musical which is being staged at and set in a high school. 

High School Musical Jr. runs Jul. 21-23 at Nathan Hale High School Auditorium on 11601 W. Lincoln Ave. in West Allis. For more information, visit Hale Husky Drama online


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