Quasimondo Gets Nautical

Aug. 18, 2016
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The Quasimondo Physical Theatre is a very dynamic narrative performance group that explores moods and genres with a visually dynamic style. In the past, they’ve explored anime, Lovecraftian horror, golden age space exploration sci-fi and more. This month the physical theater group hits the metaphorical high seas as it unleashes The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III. 

The story wraps itself around the crew of a ship known as the Seahearse and its bloody Captain Richard II Hooks. 

From the official announcement: “Shiver ye timbers at perils galore: Marauding radicals, ravenous cannibals, pirating queens, and the crimson cloak of the Indies Doctor Nemo. Gird your loins to encounter the great white colossus, wail in wonder at the booty in its bowels”

It’s puppetry, dance, clowns, song and more in what should prove to be a stylishly naval theme sailing into September. The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III runs Aug. 25 - Sep. 10 at Studio Q (above Company Brewing in Riverwest) on 731 E. Center St. For ticket reservations and more as it becomes available, visit Quasimondo online


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