Meet Nan at the Fringe

Aug. 24, 2016
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Radermacher Dance Company

Sometimes the most interesting thing that can be done onstage is a simple portrait. To this end, Radermacher Dance Company is inviting audiences to spend some time with Nan this month at the Milwaukee Fringe Festival. Nan is a portrait of a character delivered through “peculiar, unconventional choreography.” From the announcement:

“Meet Nan. Nan is not a number. Nan has a variety of opinions. Nan fears it will not go as planned. Nan quietly cares about current events. Nan thinks many complicated thoughts each day. Nan is working to be more thoughtful. Nan just doesn’t know where the time has gone. Nan is beginning to wonder how it will all turn out. Nan is an armchair activist. Nan is convinced it could be a glorious day.”

Honestly, she sounds like a nice person. I’d have lunch with her. Really. I would probably trust her to look after my kids for an evening while my wife and I went on a date. I would offer Nan a job if she needed one and I had one to offer. I would lend her some money. Really. 

Of course, Rademacher Dance Company isn’t asking for anything more than an audience for Nan. Present only in the movements brought to the stage by Kelly Radermacher Butts and Danielle Lohuis, Nan will be appearing at the Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall on Aug. 28.  Nan takes the stage at 8:00 p.m. For more information, visit the performance’s Facebook page.


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