Eric Andre at Turner Hall

Sep. 9, 2016
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eric andre

Normally touring shows come through town and I don’t blink. Eric Andre Live gave me pause to blink a couple of times, though. The comedian/actor’s Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim is one of the more pleasantly surrealistic things to air on commercial television. Take the traditional format of a late night talk show. Give that show the look and feel of something on local access television in the ’80s. Then get really vicious with jarring deviations from the traditional talk show format. Things get broken. Messes get made. Expectations are silently annihilated. It’s a fun kind of irreverent energy. There’s a restless boredom and anger over the tedium of tradition that bleeds through what he’s doing. Even when it’s not good it seems to be fueled by a kind of subtly overwhelming anger that is very, very refreshing to watch. 

Take that same kind of energy and apply it to a touring comedy show and what do you get? No idea. They’ve provided some text to promote the show, though. It goes like this:

Eric Andre brings his high-energy comedy show on the road. Think GG Allin meets Gallagher. Don’t forget your poncho.

So there's...that. (I guess) Should be fun. Even if it’s not it should be irreverent. 

Eric Andre Live! makes its way to the Turner Hall Ballroom on Apr. 11. The show takes place at 8:00 p.m. For more information, visit Turner online. 


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