This Week on The Disclaimer: More Pokemon, a Strip Club Scandal and JS Attribution Errors

Sep. 1, 2016
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This week on The Disclaimer, Milwaukee's go-to source for Pokemon-related commentary with Milwaukee Record co-founder Matt Wild, Ryan Schleicher and I, we've got more Pokemon hot takes to share. Since last week's episode, the county has released statement after statement about what, exactly, its position on Pokemon Go in Lake Park is, and almost all of them have proved more confusing than the last. We shake our heads and laugh a little about it. Then we move on to another embarrassment for public officials: the nearly million dollar payout the city recently made to Silk Exotic owner Jon Ferraro for its crusade to prevent him from opening another strip club Downtown. This month the optics of that payment became even worse when the Journal Sentinel reported that Ferraro was indicted on charged of money laundry in part of a massive federal racketeering investigation into the Russian mob. But will these allegations have any impact on Ferraro's continued efforts to bring a new strip club to Milwaukee? And finally, after crediting the Journal Sentinel for some savvy reporting on a very complicated story, we discuss some of its shadier actions recently involving columns with attribution errors.

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