Further Auditions for Dancing Microbes and Things

Sep. 22, 2016
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The idea for Animolecules sounds like a lot of fun. The acrobatic dance of photosynthesis. All the gently graceful drama of serotonin reuptake in the brain. Okay: I don't know that either of those things will even be in the show, but the possibilities are endless. Jenni Reinke and Brian Rott’s show is subtitles Choreographia Mocrobiotica. Sounds like it could be fun. The show runs Dec. 3 - 11.

Quasimondo Physical Theatre is still looking to audition physical theatre actors and dancers for the production. To schedule an audition/interview, contact Jenni by Oct. 1st: jenni.reinke@gmail.com or 414-793-5879. Previously-held auditions consisted of a brief warm-up, phrase work and movement invention. Individual meetings with directors will follow. A resume is appreciated, but not required. For more information, visit Quasimondo online


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