“Who Amongst Us?” Comes to Timothy Cobb Fine Arts

Sep. 19, 2016
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Timothy Cobb Fine Arts (207 E. Buffalo St.) is hosting a collection of oil paintings by Peter Schassler and sculptures by James Matson entitled “Who Amongst Us?” 

The paintings of Peter Schassler can at first be shocking. In what way is left to your own experiences, which is exactly what Schassler wants for you. He chooses not to exhibit often; few people in Milwaukee have seen his large format oil paintings. Even with some contemporary items included in his imagery (such as the wooden leg in “Epilogue”), there is a sense of timelessness, foreboding, and yes, hope. The artist began painting in the 1980s and found a synchronicity with the work of Odd Nerdrum, the great Norwegian contemporary figurative-classicist of our time. Nerdrum did not coin the term “Kitsch” to define his unique style for himself and his followers until 1998. Schassler is his own man, his figures gravity laden, and yet transcendent. He is a master frame maker and includes exotic woods in the powerful frames he creates for his own paintings. The artist paints exclusively with Schminke Mussini resin-based oil paints.

James Matson is a gifted sculptor with unique insight and vision. His contemporary commentaries are derived from deep personal experiences, though they are hidden well behind his imaginative constructions. His work lends a feeling of solitude while demanding you step closer to introduce yourself. Matson scrupulously fabricates even the smallest of pieces, including each of the individual bricks that pervade his work, fired separately and applied, bringing elements together in an organic whole.  Among his most respected artists are Alberto Giacometti and Rene Magritte. Since 1996, he has been professor of sculpture, ceramics and photography at Wisconsin Lutheran College.  Matson is a driven and prolific maker of things.  

The exhibition is running from now until Friday, Oct. 7. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and by appointment. More information can be found here.


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