Watch Eric Andre "Interview" Milwaukee Rapper Vincent VanGREAT

Sep. 23, 2016
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Video courtesy Mythicist Milwaukee
Milwaukee rapper Vincent VanGREAT earned an unlikely new fan this month: comedian Eric Andre, who interviewed the rapper on stage this month on his comedy tour.

Andre’s manager had been looking for guests on the tour, through the local atheist group Mythicist Milwaukee came in touch with Milwaukee rap promoter Dima Pochtarev, who they hit up for some recommendations. “So Dima sent him some names, and then he got an email back from his manager like, ‘Hey, Eric loves Vincent, and he personally picked him to do the show,’” Vincent recalls.

Vincent wasn’t available to appear at Andre’s Milwaukee stop, since he was out of town doing an Iowa performance, so they recruited him as a guest at Andre’s Michigan appearance instead. “They told me I could ride out there with them, so it was super cool,” Vincent says. “I hung out with them backstage and I got them to do some promo for my album.”

It was, as Vincent says, “super random,” which is a apt descriptor for Andre’s show, as well.

You can stream the segment below. Eric Andre asks Vincent to freestyle rap about the Transpacific Partnership, presses him on a very uncomfortable hypothetical question and clears the stage for Kraft Punk, a processed-cheese enthusiast in a Daft Punk helmet. Then the show hits its halfway point and things get really wild.


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