Steampunk In The Basement at the Brumder

Oct. 1, 2016
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This month, J.J. Gatesman presents a revenge drama in the basement of the Brumder Mansion courtesy of Milwaukee Entertainment Group. His western-style revenge drama Jack of Hearts tumbles into the classy, little historic mansion. It’s an antique feel heading into any show at the Brumder. More so than most venues it really feels like one is stepping into a completely different place just by walking through the front door. 

The story is set in a futuristic dystopia that’s come over all Louis L'Amour old west-like. The action takes place in a brothel/saloon called the Heart’s Club. It’s run by a guy named Jack Heart who is played by Josh Krause. The story focusses on a conflict between Hart, the capital and a group called the Mace Gang. 

There’s so much about the show the looks appealing. Ross Zentner’s promo pics for the show reveal really lush costuming and faces that should be highly recognizable to those who have been to local studio theater productions in and around Milwaukee. Josh Bryan of Cabaret Milwaukee is featured in the cast. As is Liz Whitford, who is no stranger to this type of fair having played in intimate, stylishly moody productions in a number of Alchemist shows. Talented performer and occasional puppeteer with Angry Young Men, Josh Perkins makes an appearance as well. There are quite a few here who have made casual appearances in a number of other shows: Kara Penrose and April Paul and Brtittany Curran. They’ve all survived an apocalypse and come to find themselves in an old west that looks like a tremendous amount of fun. 

Milwaukee Entertainment Group’s Jack of Hearts runs Oct. 7 - 31. For tickets, more information and a really cool, little promo video, visit Milwaukee Entertainment Group online. 


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