Dali’s Liquid Ladies at the Fortress Next Week

Sep. 30, 2016
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Dali's Liquid Ladies

Quasi Mondo Physical Theatre has done quite a few shows outside of The Fortress in recent memory. It’s kind of disappointing. The warehouse space north of downtown has a grittiness to it that can be used to fill a variety of different stylish theatrical moods. It’s gratifying to know that the space will be used once again this month as new group Truepenny Theater Company presents the Milwaukee premiere of Minneapolis playwright Savannah Reich’s show Dali’s Liquid Ladies. Set in a world crawling towards World War II, the play centers on three women looking to capture the imagination of one of history’s most acclaimed surrealists. 

Performer Kat Wodtke:  “It's a dark surrealist romp that takes the audience behind the scenes of Salvador Dali's Dream of Venus exhibition at the 1939 World's Fair in New York City, where three women are vying to be Dali's muse. Not many people know about Dali's surrealist funhouse of live, semi-nude girls, which he passed off as his ‘art.’ So we are very excited to bring this interesting and disturbing story to Milwaukee!” 

In addition to Wodtke, the cast includes Molly Corkins, Nick Narcisi, Keighley Sadler and Ben Yela. Tessara Layne Morgan directs.

Before the show, audiences can experience a wall of dreams, music from local musician and surrealist portraits by local artists. Team Nerdpress is doing a series of letterpress posters for the show. 

Truepenny Theater Company’s staging of Dali’s Liquid Ladies runs Oct. 7 - 15 at The Fortress on 1st and Pleasant. For more information, visit the show’s Facebook Events page.


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