Clinton Keeps Her Cool While Trump Gets Trumped

Sep. 27, 2016
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So did you enjoy last night’s presidential debate as much as I did? 

I started being really apprehensive about how it would go. After all, it was the super-achieving Hillary Clinton going up against class clown/bully Donald Trump, and expectations were pretty skewed. Clinton had to be all things to all people, while Trump merely had to show that he could find the U.S. on a map. Clinton just can’t catch a break, you know?

But then the debate started and, well, Trump was Trump.

He had no decent answers for questions that shouldn’t have rattled him. As gentle as Lester Holt was, Trump’s flailing (and sniffling) last night showed that he just can’t handle the pressure of answering questions outside of the right-wing bubble. He has no plan for ISIS, blames Mexicans and Chinese for all our ills, pretty much admitted he doesn’t pay federal income taxes (while complaining about the state of our infrastructure) and constantly boasted about his business acumen. In short, he had nothing—besides sexism, xenophobia, narcissism and the flu (or something). 

Terrible responses aside, the split screen killed him. He fidgeted, sniffled, pouted, grimaced and was visibly upset when Clinton spoke. Even worse, he interrupted constantly and constantly drew attention to himself—in the worst way. In contrast, while Trump was acting the fool, Clinton was cool, kept her humor and took a page from Obama’s playbook and did as masterful rope-a-dope on Trump. The longer he spoke, the worse he did. 

So, what were your favorite moments from last night? And do you think Trump will show up for the next ones?

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