Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit at Marquette

Sep. 29, 2016
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A writer decides to contract the services of a spirit medium in the interest of getting material for his next book. After the séance, the writer’s very assertive ex-wife begins to haunt him in ways that only an intimate relation can. It’s a very clever idea that could go wrong so many ways, but since this is Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit, it’s going to be good. 

The comedy has been staged countless times since it premiered in  1941. The latest visitation of Spirit manifests itself on its next local stage courtesy of Marquette University Theatre Department. The comfy space at the Helfaer Theatre on the campus of Marquette welcomes Coward’s wit as September becomes October. 

The spirit in question is played by Marquette University theater major Annie Kefalas. There's a fun promo video for the show in which Kefalas refers to the role of the ghost Elvira as her “number three” dream role. It’s a role that she’s wanted to play since 8th grade. (This is a very big deal for her. She tells us as much in the video.) She’s got a nice warmth that radiates through the promo. She can't help but be charming in the production. Her promo video can be seen on YouTube.

Marquette University Theatre’s staging of Blithe Spirit runs Sep.29 - Oct. 9 at Marquette’s Helfaer Theatre on 525 N 13th St. For ticket reservations, visit Marquette online.


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