Watch Soul Low Take on the Suburbs in Their "Be Like You" Video

Sep. 30, 2016
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soul low
One of the year's great indie-rock records came late this summer from Milwaukee’s Soul Low, whose sophomore full-length Nosebleeds is packed with twisty meditations on finding your place in the world in the face of constant judgment and chronic anxiety (it's a lot more fun than that description makes it sound). Today the band premiered a music video for one of the album's highlights, “Be Like You,” that honors the group’s dueling identities—the awkward outsiders they play so well on their records, and the cross-dressing party animals that come out at their live shows.

Set amid the kind of vanilla suburban backdrop that serves as an unspoken foil in so many of the band’s songs, the Ryan Reeve-directed video argues that being normal and letting your freak flag fly aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have it both ways.

You can stream the video below. Nosebleeds is out now on Gloss Records.


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