Howard Lovecraft’s Music

Sep. 29, 2016
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H.P. Lovecraft’s vision was distorted by the racism of his era and yet, in many other ways, he was prescient. After all, cosmic dread is all over the map these days. Another sign of the lengthening shadow he casts over pop culture is the animated film Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, packaged as a children’s movie (but hopefully as scary as the Brothers Grimm).

Directed by Canadian animator Sean Patrick O’Reilly, The Frozen Kingdom’s stills suggest a Tim Burton influence (though not by way of copying). Likewise, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (out on CD) sounds a bit like Burton’s favorite composer, Danny Elfman. The bewitching orchestral score was actually composed by George Streicher, and conveys heart-pounding drama, quiet unease, creeping fear and, yes, cosmic dread.


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