Alan Atwood’s Glorious Story with Morning Star

Oct. 6, 2016
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glorious story

Playwright/actor/producer Alan Atwood presents his show The Glorious Story this month. The idea for the play was to draw nearly 20 Biblical characters into a contemporary setting that brings the events of the stories written hundreds of years ago into a modern context. Atwood is Artistic Director of Morning Star Productions, which stages the show at mid-month. He’s toured the show all over the country and garnered quite a bit of respect for his delivery of stories that have been passed down in various forms and various formats since well before they were first written down in their current form. Here he’s extending that tradition in a one-man show that looks to bring contemporary understanding to the ancient world. 

Alan Atwood’s The Glorious Story runs Oct. 14 - 23 at Morning Star Production Theatre in Eastbrook Church on 5385 N. Green Bay Ave. For tickets and more visit Morning Star online. 


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