Milwaukee Paranormal Conference Begins October 14

Oct. 6, 2016
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The second annual Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, which celebrates the study of ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology (the study of mystery animals, like Bigfoot), folklore and culture, will be held at the UWM Student Union from Oct 14-16.

The conference features guest speakers, panel discussions, tours, workshops, a film screening, a vendor floor with 50 tables and after parties.

This year’s program of nationally known speakers includes:

Cryptozoology expert Loren Coleman, author of dozens of books on the subject and curator of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Katrina Weidman, star of the hit reality show Paranormal Lockdown on cable channel Destination America. 

Chase Kloetzke, Deputy Director of Investigations and Special Case Manager for the Mutual UFO Network. 

Elizabeth Saint, proprietor of Ghostly Gadgets and co-star of Destination America’s Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

Linda S. Godfrey and Chad Lewis, both longtime researchers and authors of strange phenomenon in Wisconsin.

The Roswell Debate, a moderated debate between researchers Donald R. Schmitt and Mark O’Connell on UFO investigation techniques and the 1947 Roswell case.

Other speakers and panel discussions include “Searching for Wisconsin’s Sasquatch,” “Haunted Road Trip,” and “Best UFO Reports 2016.”  Related conference events include The Raven’s Ball at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center on Saturday, Oct 15, featuring performances by Dead Man’s Carnival, Quasimondo Theater, a costume contest, tarot readings and more.

For a full schedule of events, visit: Ticket prices for the general public range from $10-$85.


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