Raven’s Ball is an interesting fusion this Saturday

Oct. 13, 2016
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Milwaukee Paranormal Conference extends its aura across the city at mid-month. Ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology and more will be covered in a strange cross-section of different fringe intellectual mutations that should be a lot of fun. There are panels. There are speakers. There are workshops. It’s all on the campus of UWM Oct. 14 -16

In addition to the proceedings on the campus of UWM, there’s a special variety show. The Raven’s Ball will be presented on Oct. 15 at The Milwaukee Irish Cultural and Heritage Center on  2133 W. Wisconsin Ave. In addition to DJ, live music and a costume contest, the ball features an interesting mix of talent including circus-style performance by Dead Man’s Carnival, the unique rhythms and motion of Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance and a performance of physical theater by Quasimondo. As is usually the case with events like this, there’s more hiding around in the shadows if you know where to look. Skully Sati will be giving tarot readings. Spiritual intuitive and medium Michelle Blaylock will be on hand as well. Dead Man’s Carnival’s Prof. Pinkerton hosts the program. The show begins at 8:00 p.m. For ticket reservations, visit Milwaukee Paranormal Conference online.


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