Stream WebsterX's Massive New Single "Blue Streak"

Oct. 25, 2016
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For all the attention Milwaukee rapper WebsterX has garnered this year, he hasn't actually released much in the way of new music. It's been nearly a year since his KidX EP with producer Q the Sun, and more than a year since he released his heavenly last solo single, "Lately." Today the rapper ended that drought by dropping a new single and announcing a new distribution label with the Chicago label Closed Sessions. "In this deal I still own 100% of my masters, full creative control and direction of my music," he writes. "So I am still considered an independent artist, however I now have distribution behind me."

"Blue Streak" is his first single from what will be his debut commercial album, and it's as buoyant and massive as any he's released—a dense slab of the kind of psychedelic post-cloud, post-trap rap hip-hop that really nobody else is doing better right now. "How you gonna feel when the pressure too much?" he raps. Probably a bit like this track makes you feel, I imagine.

You can stream the single below:


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