Staged Reading of a Play About Copernicus Next Month

Oct. 28, 2016
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And the Sun Stood Still

It was 1539. German mathematician Georg Joachim Rheticus was in his mid-20s. The man who would make navigation equipment and really nifty trigonometric tables would be best-known for a connection he had with a guy named Nicolaus Copernicus. In 1539 Rehticus met with Copernicus to discuss this crazy book he’d rumored to have written proving that the Earth orbited the sun and not the other way around. Exactly what was said at that meeting is uncertain. The result of that meeting was the publication of the book, which had become quite influential. Exactly what was said at that meeting is the subject of a work of stage drama by playwright Dava Sobel. That play makes it to a local stage next month.

Seat of Our Pants Readers Theatre will present the play And the Sun Stood Still at Boswell Books next month. The cast includes Bob Balderson, David Ferrie, David Sapiro, Ben T Braun and Jocelyn Ridgeley. It’s a free performance. 

Seat of Or Pants Readers Theatre and Soulstice’s staging of And the Sun Stood Still will be performed Nov. 11 and 12 at Boswell Book Company on 2559 N. Downer Ave. For more information, visit Boswell Books online.


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