Bumstead Provisions New in Bay View

Oct. 27, 2016
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Another restaurant opening in Bay View might seem like overkill, but Bumstead Provisions’ offerings are going past people’s needs and giving them something different. Sourcing the best, unique ingredients from the Midwest to not only serve in the restaurant, but also in their market next door. While a market/restaurant combination isn’t completely unheard of, it’s not exactly common in Milwaukee.

After living in and visiting Minneapolis and Chicago, Bumstead Provisions owners, Mike Bodow and Devin Eichler, noticed that both cities were embracing their city’s best, from beer to quality ingredients. They wanted to bring that Milwaukee, and just one look at their tap line shows they have some great Wisconsin beers. Though Mike admits as a hometown supporter (his hometown being San Diego), he tries to keep the California beer flowing as well. Both encourage customers to grab a pint before they go shop in their market.

How did the dynamic duo that owns Twelve12 Hospitality Group come to be? Mike and Devin’s friendship blossomed while the pair was working together at a hip restaurant in Minneapolis. Six months into their friendship they ended up living together, and that’s when their cats first met. Now, this may not seem like a detail one needs to share when talking about their new business, but it’s an important detail to them. Hint: Mike’s cats name is Sherman; you might recognize it on their menu. Over the years, whether they lived or worked together, they kept in contact. Devin opened the Crafty Cow in December 2014 and Mike came back to Wisconsin to join the team in January 2015. The rest is history.

I asked both guys what menu item they are most proud of, and both hating my question answered reluctantly. Mike said, “The whole menu really, but if I had to say something it would be the lobster cheesesteak.” What is that exactly? Well, it’s a Philly cheese steak with lobster and house made cheese wiz on it. Devin loves the pork belly cinnamon buns, which are rolled pieces pork belly, pan seared and then coated in cinnamon sugar.

Friday, Oct. 28 is their Grand Opening Party with samples on the market side of fresh meat and cheeses, and the restaurant side will feature rare beer samples from Hinterland and Brenner Brewing. Don’t forget the free donuts, bacon and Iron Grate smoked pig head being served when the party kicks off at 4:30pm that day! They also have several specials like $2 pilsner pints from Good City Brewing, $3 Revel whiskey shots and $5 Moscow Mules & Old Fashioneds. And since it’s Halloween weekend, come dressed as Chris Farley or Dagwood and/or Blondie from the Blondie comic strip and get a free sandwich, beer and a shot. 

This dynamic duo, who are on restaurant number two, have a greater goal. Trying to include all that Greater Milwaukee has to offer from local creameries, breweries, farmers and so much more to create products that can be served anywhere from Bavette to Pizza Man to Bumstead Provisions. Kind of like beer collaborations but with food. Devin says light heartedly about Milwaukee and the Greater Milwaukee Project, “If we all support each other and make each other better, the more people will come here. And that means we can all hang out and party. It’s all about hanging out and partying.”

They have a strong vision and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for our bellies! Until then, get yourself to Bumstead Provisions to taste the goodness coming from their kitchen and of course, from behind their bar.


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