Into the Woods in high school this week

Nov. 9, 2016
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Into the Woods WFBHS

The James Lapine/Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods is a fun, little mutation of classic fairy tales. Imagining that many of them exist in a single, cohesive world, the musical weaves in and around them to create an enjoyably sophisticated plot. 

Using familiar stories in a unique way, the musical actually makes for a nice foundation for a high school production. High school is that place where complexity meets childhood to usher-in adulthood, which is very much a part of what Into the Woods is about. Kind of a pleasant fusion. This coming weekend, Whitefish Bay High School Theatre presents a staging of the musical. It’s one of the better-funded school theatre programs in the area, which should make for nicely-rendered sets and costuming and such. 

The Whitefish Bay High School production of Into The Woods is open to the public. The show runs Nov. 11 -13 at Whitefish Bay High School Auditorium.  For ticket reservations, visit Whitefish Bay High School Drama online. 


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