Patrick Schmitz’s Dracula at Brown Deer

Nov. 11, 2016
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Bram Stoker’s 1897 horror classic Dracula spawned a genre. The story itself has been adapted countless times into every kind of format imaginable. There have been plays. There have been movies. And more plays. And comic books and video games and musicals and concept albums and things. 

After all these years how does one take a fresh look at the classic? Perhaps the best way is by simply presenting it. A new adaptation makes it to a school stage this weekend as Milwaukee playwright Patrick Schmitz’s adaptation opens with Brown Deer Middle High School. In addition to being an educator, Schmitz is best-known for his work in local comedy. Here he’s doing horror with kids who are advancing into adulthood, which should make for an interesting combination of energies flowing through classic 19th century horror.

Brown Deer Middle High School’s production of Dracula is open to the public. The show runs at the Brown Deer Middle/High School Multicultural Arts Center (MAC) on 8200 North 60th St. in Brown Deer. For more information, visit Brown Deer High School online.


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