Watch The Rusty Pelicans Get Back to the Basics in Their Grimy "One Moment" Video

Nov. 23, 2016
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rusty ps
Twenty years after their first sessions together, Milwaukee hip-hop standard bearers The Rusty Pelicans reunited their full original lineup for the full-length they never got to record the first time around, Apartment 7. It’s the work of a group reinvigorated—a brisk, filler-free LP that, much like this month’s improbably great A Tribe Called Quest reunion album, celebrates rap’s past without dismissing its present.

The P’s have already released one single from the record, the breezy summertime love jam “We Like,” and today the Shepherd Express is premiering the video for its follow-up: “One Moment,” a gnarly, Check Your Head-esque funk throwdown. If “We Like” was the album’s crossover event, “One Moment” is for the rap diehard, and the video mirrors the song’s minimalist spirit with a similarly back-to-basics aesthetic, all grimy group shots and dimly lit street corners.

Check out the video, and admire Dana Coppa’s glorious winter beard, below.


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