The 2017 Brewers All-Time Bobblehead Lineup

Nov. 30, 2016
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A few weeks ago, the Brewers announced their 2017 give-away schedule. Even in the midst of a rebuild, the Brewers continue to be among the top teams in baseball in terms of their ballpark freebies, both in their creativity and generosity (just check how many teams make their fans wait in line at the gates for a limited number of bobbleheads). This coming season will be no exception. Although the number of bobble give-aways has been halved (six to three) from last year, there are a number of very cool items on the docket. Following up on last year’s very popular Bob Uecker talking alarm clock, the team is offering a Uecker Magic 8-Ball on August 13. And this being the 35th anniversary of the 1982 World Series team, they are giving away an ’82 replica jersey, a replica AL Championship ring, and – in one of the coolest bobble concepts ever – a Robin Yount doll commemorating his famous (and way bad-ass) motorcycle ride into County Stadium during the team’s welcome home celebration. With the “Yountocycle” bobble in mind, I’ve decided to take a look back at Brewers give-away nodders this week and assemble my all-time plaster and spring Brewers squad. Please nod along if you agree with me… 

Catcher: Jonathan Lucroy, 2012

The first Luuuuuuc bobble issued by the team, this one makes good use of a defensive position to show off some nicely detailed catching great and presents a surprisingly accurate depiction of the Brewers’ star backstop. The #20 decal on the brim of his backwards helmet is a nice touch as well. I found one – in the throwback uniform, no less – at Value Village for a few bucks. I might have gotten a deal because his head was glued on crooked.

First Base: George Scott, 2013

Wearing his trademark fielding helmet and shark’s tooth necklace, “Boomer” is looking every bit a badass here, posed next to the pile of Rawlings’ Gold Glove Awards he earned as the Brewers first sacker in the 1970s. Scott was the Brewers’ first real superstar and, although he was not always content in Milwaukee, remains one of their all-time greats. Sadly, Scott passed away at age 69 shortly after the team gave this doll away.

Second Base: Rickie Weeks, 2007

With a slide through home plate and a big thumbs-up, Rickie takes the prize here. This doll is easily one of the stranger poses that you’ll find among Brewers bobbles. Ignore home under his rear end and he takes the stance of a drunken college kid who just tumbled over a cooler while tailgating. “I need a beer in both hands! I’m off balance, doods!” 

Third Base: Paul Molitor, 2014

Another great use of a demon on the base paths, this bobble commemorated Molly’s return to Milwaukee as the manager of the Twins. This doll was so cool that my brother-in-law tried to talk my pregnant sister into letting him go to the game even though it was the literal date she was due to give birth. Him: “But he’s diving!” Her: “You’ll miss the birth of your daughter!” Him: “He’s diving and wearing the blue uniform!!”

Shortstop: Robin Yount, 2006

No Brewers has been the subject of more bobbleheads than “the Kid.” This is actually one of three variations of a 2006 give-away that featured Robin as either a rookie, an MVP-era shortstop, or a coach. The rookie version – featuring baby-faced Robin with an impressive head of Farrah hair and in the crisp home whites of the 1974 team – is the clear winner.

Left Field: Ryan Braun, 2009

Presented in nearly as many bobbles as Yount, Ryan Braun just never seems to look right in plaster. This infinitely-cool doll commemorating his two-run homer that beat the Cubs and sent the Brewers to the postseason in 2008 probably comes as close as real life as possible, but he still looks a bit wide-eyed and alien. Anyway, its as a close to a perfect bobble as there is, capturing one of the seminal moments in franchise history in a clean and simple way. Even cooler was the rare variation that included a sound card that replayed Bob Uecker’s call of the home run. 

Pitcher: CC Sabathia, 2010

The only CC Brewers bobble captures a moment that took place about 20 minutes after the Braun homer mentioned above, as Sabathia lets out a roar after inducing Derek Lee into a 4-6-3 double play that clinched the Brewers a momentary tie with the Mets for the Wild Card spot.

Center Field: Carlos Gomez, 2014

Utilizing the Gold Glove award once more, the Brewers honored Carlos Gomez’s homer-swiping tendencies with this 2014 doll. There are a few very cool Gomez bobble to choose from, including a gold-topped “Cerveceros” doll and one commemerating his trip to the 2013 All Star Game in New York. The strangest Gomez bobble, however, was the one that the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers gave away in 2014 that “honored” the three rehab stints he had in Appleton in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Right Field: Tony Plush, 2012

The only alter-ego the Brewers ever honored with a bobble, the T-Plush figure was actually a variant of the Nyjer Morgan bobblehead. Like the Braun bobble above, this doll pretty perfectly captures the feeling of one of the great years (and great characters) in team history. This one also could have made a great talking bobble, had the team been willing to go NSFW.


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