Summerfest's U.S. Cellular Connection Stage is Getting a Much-Needed Redesign

Dec. 8, 2016
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us cellular connection
Renderings courtesy of Summerfest
Summerfest's U.S. Cellular Connection Stage is getting a makeover. Actually it's a little bit more than a makeover: The stage will be completely torn down and replaced with what the festival announced today as "a new, larger stage with an enhanced guest experience." The existing stage will be demolished after the 2017 festival season and open in time for 2018.

It's an overdue makeover. The U.S. Cellular Connection Stage is one of the festival's more cramped areas, with sight lines that can make it difficult to see the performers (and sometimes even get a glimpse of the video screen) during a crowded performance. The new stage will remedy that with a 25-foot LED video screen, which will be the the largest one on the grounds.

Other improvements that the festival announced at a press event today include increased capacity and improved access for attendees, a more flattering view of the city's lakefront and skyline, a larger performance area, an open-air backstage loft area designed to host meet-and-greets, mobile device charging ports, and a redesigned bar area.

The stage used to feature a lineup of mostly alternative bands, under the co-sponsorship of the local modern rock station FM 102.1, but since last year the country station FM 106.1 has been the stage's radio sponsor, so attendees can expect a lineup featuring mostly pop and country acts (hence the headliner with the country hat in the artists renderings). To see more of those renderings, visit


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