Trippy Music from the LSD Documentary ‘Orange Sunshine’

Dec. 16, 2016
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Many filmmakers producing a documentary on the utopian dreams surrounding LSD in the 1960s would have resorted to the simple route: assemble the rights for a batch of period psychedelic hits—The Electric Prunes’ “I Had too Much to Dream Last Night,” The Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” and so on.

But director William Kirkley had a better idea for his film Orange Sunshine. He commissioned contemporary singer-songwriter Matt Costa to record an album of original songs in the style of ‘60s psychedelia. The music from the motion picture combines the slippery rhythms of jazz with blazing fuzztone guitars and airy vocal harmonies on a trippy, allusive set of songs that could have been released by any number of bands circa 1967.

The music from Orange Sunshine is out on CD.


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